Vice President Academic Message

There have been two constants and one major change at Mohawk since I was a student in the Radiological Technology and medical Ultrasound programs in the mid-1980s.

Students continue to learn from exceptional faculty and staff and gain invaluable experiences through co-op work terms, clinical and field placements and capstone projects.

The greatest change has been technological. Students today have access to an incredible wealth of technology, equipment and simulators. As a student, I learned on donated imaging equipment. When I started teaching, I would drive to hospitals and clinics to pick up surplus equipment.

Today, our students use technology that is as good as, and in some cases, even better than what they will use during their placements and on the job. Faculty and staff are creating simulations that help our students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Simulations also give our students safe places to learn through trial and error and to then reflect on their mistakes. They are now even better prepared to make immediate contributions during their placements and co-ops.

At Mohawk, we are investing $63 million over the next two years at all three of our campuses. These investments will include creating simulations and introducing technology to immerse our students in new ways of learning by doing.  We look forward to learning about the investments that other colleges are making and the new tools that faculty and staff are using to transform students into future-ready graduates.

Paul Armstrong, Vice President Academic